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Today is Sunday 25. February, 2024 12:06
Year 2012 according to the Chinese calendar is sign of Dragon and the element of Water.

Tarot Reading - Horseshoe Spread

This is a one-time spread; it shows you an interpretation of what you just thought about. In this interpretation begin with the first card and then follow one by one to the card number seven. Each card describes a specific phase of your interpretation.

1th card

Symbolizes the past

Whatever you do, nothing can hurt you. Be more courageous! You are going to move into a new phase of your life. Expect unforeseeable situations. New phenomenal people may come into your life.

2th card

Describes present time

Expect a change for the better due to your previous hard work and efforts. Take new inexplicable journeys of faith. Anticipate the end of present problems and a change of fortunes for the better.

3th card

Symbolizes hidden errors

Horror is the key word. Worries and dreamless nights, animosity and slander will make you not trust anyone. Guilt may cause self-punishment in some cases. But note that suffering has its brighter side like unpleasant surgeries that make you feel better in the end. Women might suffer from gynecological difficulties.

4th card

Expresses obstacles

Wealth is the key word. Money and your assets will affect any decision you make. Don’t turn down any chance to earn big money immediately it might not be your best decision.

5th card

Attitude of other people

The key word is wealth. Wealth, success and appreciation. Your family life will be trouble free and there will be very good relationships between different generations. Signals an approaching wedding or continuation of a family tradition.

6th card

What you have to do

Satisfaction is the key word. Peace, friendship, good social life, long lasting family happiness. This card suggests participating in common activities, entertainment and sure-fire success. Wishes will come true. Everything is going great.

7th card

What will the result be

Having a good judgment skill, being successful in legal matters. Decision will be made in your favor. Contract signing and profitable business suggestions will affect your behavior.